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Looking At The World From A Different Viewpoint

I came across a remarkable set of photographs yesterday via Twitter. What was photographed was certainly not remarkable – very ordinary rooms – but what made them so was the unusual bird’s eye perspective. According to the Guardian article, photographer Menno Aden … Continue reading

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More About Photography In Galleries

(Being a continuation of the last post) Some years ago, the Management and I were on holiday in Paris and went toddling off to the Louvre. The guide book stated that the best plan was to think of the Louvre … Continue reading

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Public Photography In Art Galleries

Two days – two BBC Radio 4 programmes. Today it’s Today – i.e. the flagship programme called Today. For the five minutes at the very end of the three hours this morning, there was a discussion about people taking photographs in art … Continue reading

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Not Just A Girl!

I’ve just had a link on my Facebook account to a delightful photographic website, Jaime C Moore Photography. She had a wonderful idea about photographs to commemorate her daughter’s fifth birthday. Disney princess? No, real women! Unfortunately, I can’t give … Continue reading

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Three items picked up via Twitter

As I stated in my ‘Hello’ introduction, one of the purposes of this blog is to share ‘ephemeral’ items about art. Recently I’ve started using Twitter to help me keep up to date with art news. This evening as I … Continue reading

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Life Drawing and Portraits

Yesterday’s Daily Telegraph had an interesting letter about the new portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge at the National Portrait Gallery. “Sir – Due to the punishing schedules of the Royal family who are asked to sit for dozens of … Continue reading

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Is it just me?

I visited the local art circle’s exhibition at Bolton Library last week. There were two paintings which struck me. (Well, three if you include the one I voted for in the Visitors’ Prize poll, and which I then went out … Continue reading

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