Three items picked up via Twitter

As I stated in my ‘Hello’ introduction, one of the purposes of this blog is to share ‘ephemeral’ items about art. Recently I’ve started using Twitter to help me keep up to date with art news. This evening as I was checking my Twitter account I found three interesting items.

The first was from Artinfo called “10 Former Art Sensations That the Market Has Left Behind”. The first nine artists, unsurprisingly, I didn’t know, but the tenth was Mr Hirst:

Damien Hirst (1965-present)

Okay, this one is speculative. It’s too early to say what’s going to happen to the one-time YBA’s career now that he has left Gagosian amid what some analysts have called a “crash” in his market. Recent works by the artist seem to have dropped by a third when they have come up at auction recently. Does the drop in his secondary-market prices signal the end to his reign as the wealthiest artist in the world? Or is his primary market still holding strong? We’ll have to wait for time to tell on this one.”

The second article was in the Huffington Post and was about artist Heidi Voet’s ‘Fruit and Vegetables’ Nude Series. The following is just one of the pictures!

Just before Christmas, I published a post called “Is it just me?” which asked questions about art works based on photographs and particularly ones which were identical to those photographs. The third article I picked up from Twitter was from the Guardian and was called “Kelvin Okafor’s drawings may look like photographs but are they art?” I leave you to judge. This is his drawing of Tinie Tempah, who I am lead to believe is a musician of some kind:

Kelvin Okafor's portrait of Tinie Tempah.


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One Response to Three items picked up via Twitter

  1. Great work will stand the test of time. The rest won’t; it’s fun to speculate though

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