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Arty Cartoons

It has been a week and a half since my last post – (sounds like going to confession!) – but life has been getting in the way! Tomorrow for example I’m off to cut the grass at a convent. So … Continue reading

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Artists Know To Dig Deeper

This was the title of an item on Hyperallegic which featured a gem of a cartoon by Lauren Purje. In the future, I’m going to have difficulty trying not to smile when someone is earnestly talking about ‘visual communication’. I just … Continue reading

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In Defense of the Artist Statement

A month ago, I wrote about Iris Jaffe’s article “The Anti-artist-statement Statement.” In the interest of balance, here is a link to a reply by Robin Grearson. What pulled me to the article was this superb Calvin and Hobbs cartoon:

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The Anti-artist-statement Statement

I’ve written a couple of posts about artist statements (firstly proposing the Bovine Doo Doo Award and secondly discussing International Art English, or IAE. A reply to this second post from Karen gave a reference to the Arty Bollocks Generator … Continue reading

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Can’t You Take an Art Joke? – A Reblog from Hyperallergic

This cartoon was on a blog by Lauren Purje on Hyperallergic. Unfortunately I couldn’t work out how to reblog other than by copying and pasting. I felt it needed sharing!

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