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Getting Inspired at an Art Gallery

I get newsletters from the Independent Art School and I thought I’d share the one I received today. ***** Going to a gallery can be the most motivating and inspiring activity! Even if you are not an artist it still feels … Continue reading

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Going Local: 5 Ways to Market Your Art in Your Community

Following on from yesterday’s post, here is a second article from the skinnyartist. It was written by Steff Metal. Many artists often make the mistake of looking to sell their work far afield, often via the internet, and forget about closer … Continue reading

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Drawing with Julia O.

Autumn. The season of mists, mellow fruitfulness and the start of Julia Ogden’s drawing classes with Enjoy Learning. Today was the first one and off I went with my fine liners, 6B pencil, graphite pencil and pastels. In fact the … Continue reading

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We like a work of art more if the artist has an unusual name

It’s about two months since I last posted anything on this blog other than reblogs from The Humour of the Great War blog. However, I came across an article by Ben Ambridge in the Torygraph called Ten tricks the brain … Continue reading

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Solar Plate Printing

For quite some time I’ve liked solar prints and I’ve recently had a chance to have a go at neo:artists under the guidance of Lisa Moore. Last Tuesday evening we made the plates and yesterday we printed from them. Basically … Continue reading

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Pop Quiz: How Good Is Your Painting Memory?

I recently reblogged a piece from Artist Daily. Today there was another item which I thought I’d share. There’s an introduction and conclusion by Courtney Jordan, editor of Artist Daily: “John Hulsey and Ann Trusty created their website, The Artist’s Road, … Continue reading

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Should I tell Lynne Truss about Julia’s class?

I know what you’re thinking! Today was the last day of Julia’s Drawing Class and there are no more in the brochure so we won’t have any more drawings from the class until autumn. Well, you’re wrong! Julia has arranged … Continue reading

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Creative Block By Heather Prescott

During February I took part in the 28 Drawings Later Challenge on Facebook. I shared some of the drawings in an earlier post. One of my favourite artists involved was Heather Prescott who produced a series of cartoons about Creative … Continue reading

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Equally at home with a palette or a pen – Andrew Lambirth

This is sort of a repost. It is an article by art critic Andrew Lambirth in this morning’s Sunday Telegraph. An interesting take on the artist v critic: “Writers about art are not necessarily artists themselves, but when they are, … Continue reading

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28 Drawings Later, Art And Breast Cancer

I’ve mentioned that I’ve been taking part in the Facebook group 28 Drawings Later, posting a new drawing each day throughout February. Today, on the site, I saw this drawing/painting by Birrell Art: Jane, the artist, explained “Day 26 – … Continue reading

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