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New Exhibition On My Must-Go List

A new exhibition has just opened at the National Gallery, London, which must be a must (you know what I mean!) despite its being portraits (and you know what I think of portraits!) Facing the Modern: The Portrait in Vienna … Continue reading

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Not Just A Girl!

I’ve just had a link on my Facebook account to a delightful photographic website, Jaime C Moore Photography. She had a wonderful idea about photographs to commemorate her daughter’s fifth birthday. Disney princess? No, real women! Unfortunately, I can’t give … Continue reading

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One For The Manet? No, I’ll Give It Four Stars

I am not a fan of portraiture and the often accompanying cult of celebrity. Usually the subject of the portrait is more important than the artist who painted it or how they did so. I wasn’t too optimistic, therefore, heading … Continue reading

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Portraits again

Last May, I posted some comments about portraits. I complained that there was a National Portrait Gallery in London, but no National Landscape Gallery or National Still Life Gallery. Mike (from Down at the Dougie) commented: ““Why is there an … Continue reading

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A go at Manet

Having had a go at one of Degas’s pastels of a ballet dancer last week, this week we had a go at a Manet pastel portrait at our pastel class this week. I don’t think this had anything to do … Continue reading

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Life Drawing and Portraits

Yesterday’s Daily Telegraph had an interesting letter about the new portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge at the National Portrait Gallery. “Sir – Due to the punishing schedules of the Royal family who are asked to sit for dozens of … Continue reading

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From Saensbury Wing to Sainsbury Wing

(Or “Inspiration at the National Gallery II”) (The story so far: Our intrepid hero, accompanied by his wife, the Management, has visited the Bronze exhibition at the Royal Academy and the Richard Hamilton: Late Works exhibition in the main building … Continue reading

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… and some exhibitions in London. No. I – Picasso, Vollard and Hardacre

This post was meant to have been called “… and some exhibitions I’m going to” and was to have been posted at the beginning of last week before we went to London. However, as every blogger knows, occasionally real life … Continue reading

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What is a portrait?

According to Wikipedia (Remember, Sheldon!), “a portrait is a painting, photograph, sculpture, or other artistic representation of a person, in which the face and its expression is predominant. The intent is to display the likeness, personality, and even the mood … Continue reading

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