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Stockport Exhibition And The Price Of Art

As I mentioned before, I have a print, ‘I can’t afford Campbells by Austerity Warhol’, in the Open Contemporary exhibition at Stockport. On Friday evening it was the official opening so the Management and I put on our glad rags … Continue reading

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A Couple Of Questions About WordPress Itself

First of all has anyone else had any problems with clicking on links within WordPress? For example, if I’m in Reader and I want to read a post in full, if I click on the post half the time I … Continue reading

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My 250th Post! – Time For A Little House In The Country?

Yes, indeedy, this is my 250th post! And I’ve just come across an amazing set of photographs which I feel are worthy of the honour of inclusion on such an occasion. I frequently shoot photographs with a low horizon but … Continue reading

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Martin’s Masterclass

Yesterday I went to a masterclass at Hot Bed Press. These are usually held monthly and yesterday’s was about Photo Carborundum. Martin Kochany, who ran the demonstration, is an experimental printer and often mixes different techniques together or finds new ways … Continue reading

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Thinking Aloud … (But You Can Join In!)

I went down to Salford today to do some printing. I’m trying to add some more images to my Salford Quays series. There are some early ones on my website. (Yes, I know it needs a major update! Stop nagging, … Continue reading

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A Bonus Art Quote For Today NSFW

I’ve already posted today’s Art Quote of the Day. (I hope no-one’s noticed I put an ‘i’ in ‘Ambrose’ on the illustration!) I’ve just come across this, which is too long for an Art Quote, but which I felt needed sharing. It is … Continue reading

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A Prizewinner I Won’t Complain About

I still haven’t got my head round a poem/a performance piece winning the neo:artprize last month. Tonight was the opening night of the Python Art Festival and I have no complaints this time about the winner – Angela Fox’s ‘Misplaced’. … Continue reading

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