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Man and the Natural World

Before I tell you about a photographic exhibition I went to the other day, I want to mention the ESTA application for our trip to New York next month. Does anyone know what ‘moral turpitude’ is? I’m certain I’ve never … Continue reading

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Paintings and Photographs – What Should Be The Relationship?

Today there was a Huffpost tweet about “a mind blowing art revelation”. This related to work about a Korean realist painter called Kang Kang Hoon, whose paintings look just like photographs. My immediate reaction was simply ‘why?’ What was the … Continue reading

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Not Just A Girl!

I’ve just had a link on my Facebook account to a delightful photographic website, Jaime C Moore Photography. She had a wonderful idea about photographs to commemorate her daughter’s fifth birthday. Disney princess? No, real women! Unfortunately, I can’t give … Continue reading

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A High Standard In London

We arrived back from our holiday in Russia last Thursday and had a couple of days in London visiting three exhibitions. (Reviews of these and of Moscow and St Petersburg later.) On Friday, on the way back to the hotel, … Continue reading

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Three items picked up via Twitter

As I stated in my ‘Hello’ introduction, one of the purposes of this blog is to share ‘ephemeral’ items about art. Recently I’ve started using Twitter to help me keep up to date with art news. This evening as I … Continue reading

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Meanwhile in the North in 2013… Part 1 – Greater Manchester

OK, I mean North of England! Having said that, I have enjoyed a couple of trips to Edinburgh to see exhibitions and was annoyed recently when a discovered a Rembrandt exhibition a week before it finished in Glasgow so didn’t … Continue reading

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Is it just me?

I visited the local art circle’s exhibition at Bolton Library last week. There were two paintings which struck me. (Well, three if you include the one I voted for in the Visitors’ Prize poll, and which I then went out … Continue reading

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