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Man and the Natural World

Before I tell you about a photographic exhibition I went to the other day, I want to mention the ESTA application for our trip to New York next month. Does anyone know what ‘moral turpitude’ is? I’m certain I’ve never … Continue reading

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Sunshine And Scones – And Art Too!

It’s summer in the UK! We’ve had to wait a long time and we know it will probably disappear as quick, but just at the moment it is hot and dry. What should one do under these circumstances? How about … Continue reading

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Hockney and Artist Statements

Another contribution to the discussion about artists and their statements about their work came to light yesterday via Twitter. There was a link to several quotations by David Hockney on a site called Brainy Quote. The one that appealed to me … Continue reading

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Calvin’s Artist Statement

Having commented several times about artist’s statements (such as The Bovine Doo Doo Award,  Transveral? It’s IAE! and The Anti-artist-statement statement), when I saw this I had to share it! No further comment is necessary!

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