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More Art Humour [NSFW]

This blog seems to be going though a you’re-‘avin’-a-larf phase. Don’t worry! I’m sure it’ll grow out of it and return to serious matters such as Damien Hirst. Now! Now! Stop giggling at the back! Damien is a very serious … Continue reading

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Three items picked up via Twitter

As I stated in my ‘Hello’ introduction, one of the purposes of this blog is to share ‘ephemeral’ items about art. Recently I’ve started using Twitter to help me keep up to date with art news. This evening as I … Continue reading

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ArtReview: 2012 Power 100

I don’t want to make any judgements myself, but I just wanted to share this link with you: ArtReview: 2012 Power 100 I just noted how few artists, and British artists in particular, are in the list. OK, Al Weiwei … Continue reading

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Mr Hirst is in the news again!

Today’s Daily Telegraph paper edition had an interesting item about the lovable Mr Hirst. The electronic interweb version seems to be a bit more restrained, but does include the “real” title of Verity,  so I’ll give an extract from the … Continue reading

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Damien Hirst and Copyright – yet again!

I discussed Damien Hirst, “the proprietor of a money-spinning novelty factory”, and copyright in a post by Down by the Dougie a couple of months ago. I was interested in the latest post, therefore, by Lisa Thatcher about Hirst. This is a … Continue reading

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What title should I give this post?

Mike of destructivetesting commented on an earlier post “I’ve always thought that any ‘art’ should be displayed without any name, title, description or anything else that wasn’t actually a part of the ‘art’. That it should be able to stand … Continue reading

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Damien Hirst and Fakes Part Deux

I know I’ve already discussed the old problem of fakes, and I’ve also written about Mr Hirst. However I am currently reading “Rembrandt’s Secret” by Alex Connor. It isn’t really a spoiler to say that the plot of the book … Continue reading

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Damien Hirst – “the proprietor of a money-spinning novelty factory”

Today’s Daily Telegraph had an interesting article by Charles Spencer about the current Damien Hirst retrospective at Tate Modern. To say he wasn’t impressed is an understatement. The full article is here but I feel some of Spencer’s statements deserve … Continue reading

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