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Looking At The World From A Different Viewpoint

I came across a remarkable set of photographs yesterday via Twitter. What was photographed was certainly not remarkable – very ordinary rooms – but what made them so was the unusual bird’s eye perspective. According to the Guardian article, photographer Menno Aden … Continue reading

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A Trip To Mustard Tree

Yesterday evening I had an enjoyable trip to Mustard Seed for an art exhibition. You may remember the Management and I met Lloyd at New Mills during the Derbyshire Open Arts. He told us he had a studio at the … Continue reading

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Art and Science – Painting With Penicillin

You may be familiar with Robin Ince from The Infinite Monkey Cage which he presents on Radio 4 with Prof Brian Cox. He also tweets a lot on twitter (@robinince) and this morning he had a link to an article … Continue reading

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A Timely Blog Post

I came across this superb blog post this morning. It is by Marie Campbell, who runs the Boho Press in Wolverhampton. I’m in the process of producing some screen prints intended for sale on the interweb thingy. While I had considered … Continue reading

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Snippets From The Torygraph

There were a couple of art items in yesterday’s Daily Torygraph. In the Obits section (my sister is worried because I look at the obituaries and thinks I need to ‘get a life’) there was a piece about the death … Continue reading

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Artists Know To Dig Deeper

This was the title of an item on Hyperallegic which featured a gem of a cartoon by Lauren Purje. In the future, I’m going to have difficulty trying not to smile when someone is earnestly talking about ‘visual communication’. I just … Continue reading

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Dead Flies Art by Magnus Muhr

Having spent the day at Hot Bed Press being pestered by flies, I found this post weirdly hilarious!

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