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Cuban Graphic Artist José (Frémez) Gómez Fresquet

Originally posted on Repeating Islands:
Yesterday, December 29, marked the birth of Cuban graphic artist José Gómez Fresquet (1939-2007). Better known as Frémez, he is considered to be one of the most talented Cuban graphic artists, known for a vast…

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Indecision leads to clutter

Originally posted on Mindful Minimalism UK:
Reflections In our house, Saturday night is designated “Screen-free night”. No phone, no TV, no computers. It’s a guaranteed night where my wife and I get to interact without distraction. Sometimes we simply converse…

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Artist’s Statement ….Part Two

Originally posted on The Pale Rook:
So remember that thing I applied for? My application was successful.  I was selected to take part in a project at Scotland’s Craft Town,  the wonderful West Kilbride.   I’ve been a massive fan of…

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Getting Inspired at an Art Gallery

I get newsletters from the Independent Art School and I thought I’d share the one I received today. ***** Going to a gallery can be the most motivating and inspiring activity! Even if you are not an artist it still feels … Continue reading

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Going Local: 5 Ways to Market Your Art in Your Community

Following on from yesterday’s post, here is a second article from the skinnyartist. It was written by Steff Metal. Many artists often make the mistake of looking to sell their work far afield, often via the internet, and forget about closer … Continue reading

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9 Warning Signs of an Amateur Artist (from

This article is from but I couldn’t work out how to share it on this blog easily so I’m just copying and pasting:   Are you a “Professional” Artist? I’m not talking about if you have a corporate sponsorship or whether or … Continue reading

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ForgottenBee talks to “MyScan” (it’s an anagram) read on to ‘almost’ reveal the mystery surrounding this elusive Manchester artist!

Originally posted on forgottenbeeblog:
It’s a true honour to be granted an interview with this certain, ever mysterious Manchester artist. An artist of great repute in the city. But now his art is breaking out of those northern streets… And…

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