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London 3 – And Finally…..!

Rosie says she can’t wait for Part 3 of our sojourn in London – and she doesn’t even know she features in this part! Three more exhibitions to tell you about. That’ll take some time, won’t it? Not as long … Continue reading

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Snippets From The Torygraph

There were a couple of art items in yesterday’s Daily Torygraph. In the Obits section (my sister is worried because I look at the obituaries and thinks I need to ‘get a life’) there was a piece about the death … Continue reading

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A Message to Bridgeman Education from the Rijksmuseum

Regular readers know that I’m currently doing a drawing course with the Open College of the Arts. A few months ago, I wasted an afternoon (yes, even someone who spends far too much time on Facebook and Twitter can understand the concept … Continue reading

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More About Photography In Galleries

(Being a continuation of the last post) Some years ago, the Management and I were on holiday in Paris and went toddling off to the Louvre. The guide book stated that the best plan was to think of the Louvre … Continue reading

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Front Row’s ‘Cultural Exchange’, Mary Beard And Tracey Emin

I’d heard the trailers for Cultural Exchange on BBC Radio 4’s cultural review programme Front Row. This feature gives creative minds the opportunity to talk about the cultural work that inspires them. Unfortunately I rarely catch Front Row but heard … Continue reading

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Vermeer’s Daughter And Other Huff Posts

Kestrelart is very concerned about my reading the Mail. (If you don’t follow Kestrelart, he does some gorgeous drawings of birds – I think there’s a clue in the name, somewhere! – such as these.) I did reassure him that I … Continue reading

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Happy First Birthday To Me!

Or a least to this blog! On 21st April 2012, I posted the Hello page of Notes to the Milkman. The first ‘proper’ post came a couple of days later. In Hello (my blog post, not the celeb mag!) one … Continue reading

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Rijksmuseum Reopening Reviewed

This morning’s Daily Telegraph dedicated no less than thirty pages to the death of Mrs Milk Snatcher. (I saw a photo on Facebook yesterday of Thatcher with Jimmy Savile. One comment was ‘A sick bastard who preyed on the weak … Continue reading

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FBI to Discuss Developments in ’90 Mass. Art Heist – Reblog from Time

When we were on holiday in Boston a few years ago, I was looking forward to ticking off the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Vermeer in my I Spy Vermeer book. Fortunately, I found out about the heist before we got … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Fake!

After various posts about fakes, copies and artists claiming credit for other people’s work, I felt I had to share this gem. I’ve just been watching the “Antiques Roadshow” on BBC TV. They had a painting signed H. van Meegeren … Continue reading

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