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A High Standard In London

We arrived back from our holiday in Russia last Thursday and had a couple of days in London visiting three exhibitions. (Reviews of these and of Moscow and St Petersburg later.) On Friday, on the way back to the hotel, … Continue reading

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Essay: How has artists’ use of found images has affected the materiality of the image?

Originally posted on Beauchamp Art:
Materials, Materiality, Materialism: How has artists’ use of found images has affected the materiality of the image? Artists have always appropriated images since there were images that could be reused. The Old Masters borrowed figures…

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Who is the artist?

I’m back from my hols and sorting out my photos so this is a short post with a photo I took last week. The question is simply ‘Which famous artist painted this picture which is called The Meeting?’

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The First Street Artist?

I’m a great fan of good street art. (Sprayed tags don’t count! I said ‘art’.) We all know about Banksy et al, and I’ve posted about Sun, Sea and Spray in Blackpool. I was interested, therefore, when I watched tonight’s … Continue reading

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Anish Kapoor or Mr Bean?

I’ve just been watching The World According to Anish Kapoor on Sky Arts. It was an hour long. This extract was only a few minutes long and deals with his mirror sculptures, specifically his bean-shaped sculpture in Chicago, Cloud Gate: … Continue reading

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Roy Lichtenstein – Pop Art and a Traditional Education

I’ve mentioned before how the Daily Telegraph tends to over-review art exhibitions. Last Saturday there was a preview of the Ice Age Art exhibition at the British Museum, which I discussed in ‘What is Art?‘ On Tuesday Richard Dorment reviewed … Continue reading

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Request For Printmaking Information

Just been down to Hot Bed Press for one of their monthly artist’s talks (though tonight it was an artists’ talk as it involved two artists). Elizabeth Willow and David Armes are both letterpress artists who gave interesting talks – … Continue reading

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