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A New Year – A New Artistic You

Just a thought as New Year approaches!

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If you’re not sure where Manchester is, it’s quite close to Salford!

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Bolton Open Part 1

Two years ago I managed to get one of my prints in the biennial Bolton Open. (It was my busker print which I use as my avatar.) At the PV I knew one or two people there and the names of … Continue reading

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Trying to emulate other artists can spoil your painting journey

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The Portal” _ oil painting on canvas _ 2004 _ sold by Robert Conway Once I have my finished my layout for my next painting its a done deal, i’m sticking with the plan. I…

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Mark Making With Julia

I’ve mentioned that I’m not sure what influence I’ve had on the direction Julia’s Monday morning Drawing Class is going. I joined it at the beginning of October other members of the group having been there for at least a year. … Continue reading

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PS Mirabel Open Studios

I now know what the Doctor’s companions feel like when they go into the TARDIS for the first time! This weekend has been Open Studios at PS Mirabel in Manchester (only just – a few yards away over the bridge … Continue reading

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Psychedelia vs Asthma

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  The tutor had ambitious aims for the session. He would split the class in 2, half working in sketch pads while seated, the others doing larger pictures while standing at easels. This would get more…

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