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Carrie Mae Weems At The Guggenheim

[The story so far: Our intrepid traveller and his wife, the Management, has visited the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. While he appreciated the curves of the Frank Lloyd Wright building, he has been disappointed by the two exhibitions he … Continue reading

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Loretta Lux (1969, German)

I love the weird work of Loretta Lux.

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My 250th Post! – Time For A Little House In The Country?

Yes, indeedy, this is my 250th post! And I’ve just come across an amazing set of photographs which I feel are worthy of the honour of inclusion on such an occasion. I frequently shoot photographs with a low horizon but … Continue reading

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Looking At The World From A Different Viewpoint

I came across a remarkable set of photographs yesterday via Twitter. What was photographed was certainly not remarkable – very ordinary rooms – but what made them so was the unusual bird’s eye perspective. According to the Guardian article, photographer Menno Aden … Continue reading

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Vermeer’s Daughter And Other Huff Posts

Kestrelart is very concerned about my reading the Mail. (If you don’t follow Kestrelart, he does some gorgeous drawings of birds – I think there’s a clue in the name, somewhere! – such as these.) I did reassure him that I … Continue reading

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Not Just A Girl!

I’ve just had a link on my Facebook account to a delightful photographic website, Jaime C Moore Photography. She had a wonderful idea about photographs to commemorate her daughter’s fifth birthday. Disney princess? No, real women! Unfortunately, I can’t give … Continue reading

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Nancy’s Problem With A Plagiarist

Hanging on our kitchen wall is a delightful calendar featuring fairies. It being the third month of the year there are three fairies pretending to be the three wise monkeys. It was produce by an extremely talented artist called Nancy … Continue reading

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Chris Nash – the New Degas?

Last week I printed some images of the Imperial War Museum North which is at Salford Quays. (I loaded them up to my website last night.) I was quite pleased with how they turned out so I’ve decided to do … Continue reading

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