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Exhibitions I’ve been to and ….

On my way to Hot Bed Press to do some printing recently I popped into Salford Museum and Art Gallery to see what was on. I was pleased to find that “Life and Times of a War Time Art Student, … Continue reading

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What title should I give this post?

Mike of destructivetesting commented on an earlier post “I’ve always thought that any ‘art’ should be displayed without any name, title, description or anything else that wasn’t actually a part of the ‘art’. That it should be able to stand … Continue reading

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Why go to exhibitions?

Having reblogged three posts by other people, it is time to add a post of my own which has been prompted by today’s newsletter. It reported that an exhibition is about to start at the Museum of Fine Arts, … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Art by Nancy Farmer:
This is not a rhetorical question. I don’t mean it in the sense that one might ask ‘What’s the point of Simon Cowell?’ because there is undoubtedly a lot of point in life…

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The Tyranny of Success

As it says “Don’t carpet your rut!” The Tyranny of Success.

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Originally posted on patternsthatconnect:
In the chapter entitled Do the Arts Make us Better? from John Carey’s book What Good are the Arts, he answers his own question with a resounding no. Apparently the arts do not make us better.…

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Anish Kapoor’s Orbit – A New Eiffel Tower or A Huge Waste of Money?

I must declare at the outset that I’ve always been a great fan of public art. Streets of shops and offices are, frankly, boring. Very rarely does a shop window stop me and make me think. Some buildings I like … Continue reading

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