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Further Bank Holiday Fun In New Mills

New Mills Arts at Torr Vale Mill had twenty artists, but they weren’t the only artists in New Mills on Bank Holiday Monday. Further up the road was Spring Bank Arts Centre at St James the Less Church. Here Danish … Continue reading

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A Message to Bridgeman Education from the Rijksmuseum

Regular readers know that I’m currently doing a drawing course with the Open College of the Arts. A few months ago, I wasted an afternoon (yes, even someone who spends far too much time on Facebook and Twitter can understand the concept … Continue reading

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New Mills Arts

This is my 200th blog post! OK, that includes quite a few reblogs, but most of the previous 199 have ostensibly been mine, even if I quote extensively from the ephemera of art. So how should I celebrate my 200th … Continue reading

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Good Art or Bad Art? “The quality of art is as objective as physics”

I was reading an article called “Women in art: why are all the ‘great’ artists men?” The item itself is worth reading but what caught my attention was an exchange in the Comments bit at the end: “Man3628732551 24 May 2013 … Continue reading

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Just Grab Those Chances ….

This post is really a reblog but, as it isn’t from a wordpress site, I couldn’t work out how to reblog other than copying and pasting. It is by Gail Brodholt and I found it on her excellent Diary of … Continue reading

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More About Photography In Galleries

(Being a continuation of the last post) Some years ago, the Management and I were on holiday in Paris and went toddling off to the Louvre. The guide book stated that the best plan was to think of the Louvre … Continue reading

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Public Photography In Art Galleries

Two days – two BBC Radio 4 programmes. Today it’s Today – i.e. the flagship programme called Today. For the five minutes at the very end of the three hours this morning, there was a discussion about people taking photographs in art … Continue reading

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Front Row’s ‘Cultural Exchange’, Mary Beard And Tracey Emin

I’d heard the trailers for Cultural Exchange on BBC Radio 4’s cultural review programme Front Row. This feature gives creative minds the opportunity to talk about the cultural work that inspires them. Unfortunately I rarely catch Front Row but heard … Continue reading

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Sand, Sea And Spray Is Coming …. Again!

The free paper, Metro, had an article about ‘graffiti’ the week before last. The paper version even started with ‘Take a look out of any moving train and you will see it. But is Britain’s graffiti art or an eyesore?’ The article … Continue reading

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Picasso on painting

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