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Sitting Female Nude

Originally posted on neo-alchemist:
Egon Schiele, c. 1913

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Standing Half-Nude with a Brown Shirt

Originally posted on neo-alchemist:
Egon Schiele, 1913  

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A Revelation And A Funny

A quick post from me today as I have a load of holiday photos I want to process  before tomorrow evening. Firstly, I had a revelation last week when I went to drop off two prints for an exhibition in … Continue reading

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Istanbul Modern

So we went sailing around on this ship for a couple of weeks. The Management is the one who enjoys cruises. I enjoy the evening meals, especially if I can get dressed up on a formal night. But the main … Continue reading

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Rafael the Italian painter through philately

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Pic: 1: Federico da Montefeltro di Urbino Raffaello Sanzio, or simply Raphael, was an Italian painter who was born in Urbino of the Montefeltro in 1483 (Picture 1), an important cultural center at the time. Raphael, along…

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Off To The Libraries

Yesterday the Management and I went to the libraries. Not to borrow books, though, just to look at the libraries themselves. In the UK every September we have Heritage Open Days which allow people to see inside a lot of … Continue reading

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Graffiti Makeover in Northern Ireland

Originally posted on Fawn Review:
Street art and murals have both been used as an integral part of spreading ideas and ideologies in Northern Ireland during the Troubles. They often carry depictions of infamous local figures, symbols of local traditions…

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Paintings and Photographs – What Should Be The Relationship?

Today there was a Huffpost tweet about “a mind blowing art revelation”. This related to work about a Korean realist painter called Kang Kang Hoon, whose paintings look just like photographs. My immediate reaction was simply ‘why?’ What was the … Continue reading

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Back From My Hols!

No posts for over two weeks! That’s cos I’ve been on me hols! But I’m back! We went cruising. No, not like that! I mean we sailed around the Aegean and Black Seas on a ship. When I’m away, I … Continue reading

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