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‘Steal Like an Artist’ – an Experiment

Originally posted on the creativity of escape:
-Almost everything in this post is stolen.- The title. The painting. Even the wax crayons I painted with are kind of stolen. A little while ago I bought a book called “Steal Like an…

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Monoprints and Collographs

Originally posted on Kathie Vezzani:
This is my favorite piece that came out of Trish Saggebruch’s dyeing class at Encausticamp. I prepared the board by using a djanting tool to create a design using wax, then I dipped the board…

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Arty Cartoons

It has been a week and a half since my last post – (sounds like going to confession!) – but life has been getting in the way! Tomorrow for example I’m off to cut the grass at a convent. So … Continue reading

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Time Out: Moniker Madness

Originally posted on The Millennium Conjectures™:
“Who’s on first.”–Bud Abbott Note: If you have never seen Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on first?” routine, one can only draw one of three possible conclusions.  You’re from a country that does not play…

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Palimpsest – Part The Second

Yesterday I posted about four of the eight artists at Palimsest, the new exhibition at neo:gallery22 in Bolton. I mentioned that I’d seen Alison Timmins’ work at the Bolton University Degree Show in early summer. I’d also written about Karen Markham … Continue reading

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The sordid tale of how I was censored by Straight Pride UK

Originally posted on Oliver Hotham:
A few weeks ago, when thinking of interesting things I could write for this blog, I remembered a weird organisation that gathered some attention on the internet a month or two ago. The organisation is…

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Palimpsest – New Exhibition At Neo:Artists – Part 1

According to the leaflet, Palimpsest is “the re-use of manuscripts where original texts have been erase or concealed by subsequent layers which in turn preserve traces of what lies beneath.” This re-use was largely an economic one, which is significant … Continue reading

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cARTographies – A Postscript

In yesterday’s post, I quoted from the Annulus website about the cARTographies exhibition at St Martins in the Field in Trafalgar Square. I’d forgotten that I’d taken a shot of the display poster, which was headed ‘Why’, at the exhibition … Continue reading

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London 3 – And Finally…..!

Rosie says she can’t wait for Part 3 of our sojourn in London – and she doesn’t even know she features in this part! Three more exhibitions to tell you about. That’ll take some time, won’t it? Not as long … Continue reading

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London 2 – The Royal Academy

The weatherman said it was going to rain so, with raincoats at the ready (it didn’t rain until teatime, but when it did rain, it RAINED!), off we went to the Royal Academy to see the Summer Exhibition. We did … Continue reading

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