Sand, Sea And Spray Is Coming …. Again!

The free paper, Metro, had an article about ‘graffiti’ the week before last. The paper version even started with ‘Take a look out of any moving train and you will see it. But is Britain’s graffiti art or an eyesore?’ The article then went on to discuss ‘street art’ and the work of various ‘street artists’.

Now, I distinguish the two. As far as I’m concerned, graffiti relates to the stuff seen from the moving train – mindless tags. Street art, on the other hand, is what it says – art which happens to be outside on the street. The first is an eyesore and vandalism. The second is art and should be appreciated as much as more conventional public art. Yes, it is often done under cover of darkness without permission, but more and more it is now ‘official’. This includes Sand, Sea and Spray, the free urban arts festival which takes place this year from Friday 14th to Sunday 16th June in Blackpool.

Last year I posted about my visit to Blackpool on the Friday when things were just getting started, and again when I went a few weeks later when I could see the finished pieces. I’m looking forward to this year’s show. Robin Ross, the well-known miscreant, has assembled a goodly list of artists, most of whom he will be referring to as ‘legends’. Here is a sample of some of their work:

agent provocateur unnatural selection

Unnatural Selection by Agent Provocateur from London

Work in Belgium by Australian artist Smug

Norwegian artist Zina visited Jamaica recently

Work by Italy’s Zed 1


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