Front Row’s ‘Cultural Exchange’, Mary Beard And Tracey Emin

I’d heard the trailers for Cultural Exchange on BBC Radio 4’s cultural review programme Front Row. This feature gives creative minds the opportunity to talk about the cultural work that inspires them. Unfortunately I rarely catch Front Row but heard it this evening. The Cultural Exchange was Mary Beard, Professor of Classics at the University of Cambridge, who chose the sculpture Laocoön and His Sons (c. 1st Century BC), which is on display at the Vatican Museum in Rome.


Laocoön and His Sons (1st Century)

I knew the programme section was only a few minutes long, what I hadn’t realised until this evening is that all the editions are available as podcasts. Not only that, the ‘basic’ interview is backed up with BBC archive recordings giving a total podcast of about fifteen to twenty minutes. Tonight’s podcast will have five archive recordings, including contributions from Robert Graves and Seamus Heaney.


Unfortunately, tonight’s podcast won’t be available until tomorrow, so instead I tried to provide a link to the very first podcast which had Tracey Emin talking about Vermeer’s Lady Writing A Letter With Her Maid. The interview is accompanied by selected highlights from the BBC Archive: Tracy Chevalier on Vermeer’s The Lacemaker; Art critic Waldemar Janusczak on Vermeer’s unconventional career; John Wilson reports on the world’s biggest art theft; Tracey Emin visits her hometown Margate; Tracey Emin on the importance of drawing. Well, that was the idea! Anyone know how I can link an mp3 file into a blog? All the podcasts are here.


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2 Responses to Front Row’s ‘Cultural Exchange’, Mary Beard And Tracey Emin

  1. kestrelart says:

    This cultural exchange series is great. This is how I found the youtube clip of Mat Eks’ ballet i am currently illustrating. Thanks for telling us about the podcasts. That license fee … Worth every penny.

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