28 Drawings Later – Half-Time Reflection

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I’m currently taking part in the activities of a Facebook group called 28 Drawings Later who are encouraging people to draw every day during February. Here are the fourteen sketches I’ve uploaded to the group during the first two weeks. There is some excellent work on the site. Definitely worth checking out!

28DL01a-Doffcocker1Day 1 – Doffcocker Lodge, Bolton

On February 1st, it was raining, but I managed to grab this charcoal sketch of the nearby lodge between the showers.

28DL02a-BoltonStationDay 2 – Bolton Train Station

I missed my train into Manchester on the 2nd so sketched this as I waited for the next one.

BoltonParishChurchDay 3 – Bolton Parish Church

The 3rd was a Monday which means Julia’s Drawing Class. We’d looked at Monet and I fancied trying to do a ‘Rouen Cathedral’ of the local Parish Church in pastels. It’s based on a friend’s photograph. There is more about the session here.

Day 4 TopCWay1a

Day 4 – Doffcocker Lodge

On the 4th, I decided to do an exercise for my OCA Drawing course which involved drawing the same spot from four different points. This is the first of the four.

28DL05aDay 5 – 30 Second Gesture Drawings of Superbowl XLVIII

It had been the Superbowl on the Sunday. What should have been an exciting battle between the two best teams in the NFL turned into one of the most one-sided games ever. I got something from it by using my recording and a kitchen timer to produce these gesture drawings.

28DL06aDay 6 – A Punch Cartoon from 1915

I’d noticed some people had uploaded cartoon-style drawings so I thought I’d dig out one of my volumes of Punch from the First World War and find a suitable cartoon. I’d never realised that ‘an artist’ and ‘anarchist’ are so close until I misread my own title. It does say ‘an artist’, but perhaps we’re all anarchists as well.

28DL7aDay 7 – Dansette Record Player, Bolton Museum

I went into Bolton town centre on the 7th to sketch in the main square. It didn’t rain. It hailed instead!  So this is from the museum. I don’t know why they’ve got it. It seems bang up to date to me!!

Day8Day 8 – Departure Lounge, Manchester Airport

On the 8th we flew to New York for a week’s holiday. This sketch is unfinished as they called our flight.

Day 09Day 9 – Room 2023, Warwick Hotel, NY (from the corridor)

My OCA course requires a drawing of a room seen through a door square on, as a study in perspective. Our hotel room gave a good opportunity for this as the corridor turned a right angle just outside the door which gave me somewhere to sit.


Day 10 – Signing on Skype, Chelsea Market

The daytime temperature did not rise above freezing until almost the end of our stay – and that was when it snowed instead! We had an enjoyable walk along the High Line but there was no chance of being able to draw because of the cold. That was a shame as the views down on the streets were excellent. It was warmer in Chelsea Market where the lady sitting quietly watching her laptop as I started sketching her suddenly began to sign to the person on the screen. I had to wait for suitable pauses to finish the drawing.

28DL11aDay 11 – Picasso at the Guggenheim

On the 11th we went to the Guggenheim. I intend blogging about it and the Whitney so I won’t comment here. This is my black and white version of Picasso’s Woman with Yellow Hair.

We also went to the National Museum of the American Indian where I sketched these to exhibits. I didn’t upload them to the 28 Drawings Later site but thought I’d share them with you.

28DL11e 28DL11cDay 11 – Yu’pik Hunting Hat and Ute Shirt,

National Museum of the American Indian, New York

The next day we went to the Whitney Museum of American Art where I encounted work by artists with whom I was unfamiliar including Elie Nadelman.


Day 12 – Detail from Nude by Elie Nadelman, Whitney


Day 13 – Sculpture by Alberto Giacometti, MoMA

On February 13th they had nearly a foot of snow in New York. As our hotel was only about a hundred metres from MoMA, no prizes where I went for the afternoon. (The Management had had enough of walking by this point so stayed and watched trash on the TV. Is that an oxymoron in the US, I wonder?)

Finally, on the 14th, after the Management had opened her Valentine card, we headed for JFK Airport. We made sure we allowed plenty of time due to the snow of the previous day. This meant that we had a lot of time to kill at the airport. Hence two sketches of the departure lounge. (That’s one of those moving walkway/travellator things in the second one. It also seemed to be the norm to plug your cell phone into one of the many sockets around the place.)

28DL14a28DL14cDay 14 – JFK Airport Departure Lounge

I intend uploading the next two weeks worth of sketches at the beginning of March.

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I'm a printmaker based in the North West of England, living in Bolton and printing at Hot Bed Press in Salford. Please visit my website johnpindararts.weebly.com
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5 Responses to 28 Drawings Later – Half-Time Reflection

  1. seascapesaus says:

    What a great travel journal this has turned out to be. It is fun seeing through your eyes John!

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  3. I need to do more stuff like this.

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