Sandra Bouguerch …Handle With Care

Unfortunately I missed Sandra Bouguerch’s last solo show in Sale so I was determined to see her new one at the Studios in New Mills, and the PV was last Friday. The exhibition, called … Handle with Care, is about Sandra’s relationship with her 87 year old father Terry McShane for whom she is the full time carer. Terry has signed a declaration explaining that he is a willing participant in Sandra’s artwork and will continue to be so even when he is not capable of making such a decision because of his dementia.


Terry with the Studios director, Lyn Bannister

Sandra is an interdisciplinary artist and the exhibition reflects on the tension and awareness, exposure and vulnerability of looking after an elderly relative through photography, video and other media. The PV also included a performance piece involving Sandra, Terry and a red balloon. I don’t usually like giving my interpretation of such things, as everyone takes something different from such a performance, but the parallels between the literal tension in the stretched balloon and concern that it will snap or burst, and the emotional tension which must exist in their relationship was clear.

sandra03One piece I liked used some of Terry’s empty pill packets with stills of Terry:


sandra02This piece was new to me though I had seen other pieces such as a photograph called Head On.

sandra06If I have one complaint about the show it was that there was no drawn work by Sandra. I recently enjoyed her drawings at the neo:presents exhibition in Bolton. When I asked Sandra about this she explained that the drawings were done as part of her university course and she does not feel comfortable drawing, which is a shame as I like ’em.

The exhibition runs until 21st February. If you want a second opinion, check out Martin’s blog post.


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  1. How extraordinary and moving

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