neo:presents 2013

Forgive me, Father. It is a month since my last blog post. Hang on, that’s wrong. (Though reading some blogs it seems that the authors treat them like confessionals!) But, apart from one or two reblogs, it is nearly a month since my last blog. I’m blaming Christmas followed by inertia (or lack of it). Anyway, I’ve still been doing arty things and going to a few shows so time to do a post.

neo:artists current exhibition, which finishes at the weekend, is called neo:presents. (Evidently, as it has run for most of December, the pun was intentional.) There was some excellent work on show from a large number of artists. As always, I can’t really do justice to all the artists represented – there were nearly a hundred works – so these are just some of the ones there.

You know I like the charcoal works of Sharon Forrest:

neo02Threshold (with Is It Me? above)

I’m familiar with Sandra Bouguerch’s video and photographic work, but here she had some drawings and ‘paintings’ on display. I was going to put ‘more conventional’ but pencil drawings on paper plates (Plated Up) and self portraits painted with Chocolate Flavour Slim Fast are not really conventional techniques. I’m looking forward to Sandra’s exhibition at New Mills in the near future.

neo05Plated Up and Around And Around

neo03Phenomena of the Universe (Acrylic on Paper) by Rama Jana

neo04Winter Storm (etching 1/1) by Phil Davis


Handout (Dry-point etching) by Lucie Wilson

neo07Western Approaches (Screenprint) by Ian Irvine

neo08Coloured People (Screenprint) by Ian Irvine

neo09Old Salt and Pepper (Linocut) by Alex Young

The Merry Widow (Charcoal and Chalk) by C A Southworth (This got my visitor’s vote)

neo11Here Comes Everybody (Monoprint) by Denis Whiteside


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I'm a printmaker based in the North West of England, living in Bolton and printing at Hot Bed Press in Salford. Please visit my website
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9 Responses to neo:presents 2013

  1. Red Hen says:

    It`s great that you can photograph them and bring them to a wider audience.There`s such a variation in styles here, though the charcoal one is my favourite.

  2. Y. Prior says:

    wonderful! Thanks for sharing – looked a great exhibit!

    • It is indeed an excellent exhibition though I’m also looking forward to the next one. It’s of photographs taken by a 77 year old friend called Geoff Davies who has been photographing Bolton for 50+ years. His work is superb – even without the historical aspect.

  3. Terrific selection. I prefer the figurative ones, except the coloured people, which is brilliant (in all senses)

  4. I liked idea “Western Approaches”.The form of repeating the same image with different dialogue is something with which I will experiment in my own cartoon drawing.

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