Mark Making With Julia

I’ve mentioned that I’m not sure what influence I’ve had on the direction Julia’s Monday morning Drawing Class is going. I joined it at the beginning of October other members of the group having been there for at least a year. The first class involved drawing fruit in pencil. I hated it, but got the impression that this was the norm. Today we were mark making on A1/A2 paper in ink. I was in a minority of two who enjoyed it. Others wanted the control they were used to.

Here are my drawings. I was drawing the ballerina statuette I used for the charcoal drawings last week (see A Bit on the Side).


I was using brown flooring paper from B&Q torn into A2ish sized pieces. On the way to the class I cut some reeds from the local lodge and this is drawn with reed pens in black indian ink and white ink. It’s the first time I’ve used white ink and found it thicker and harder to apply.


These two are sponge drawings of the statuette face on. It was a washing up type sponge rather than the normal bathroom sponge usually used for painting. I did the right hand one first and liked the skirt drawn with a drier sponge so drew the left hand one using the drier sponge for the whole thing. The white ink highlights are also sponged.


This is also drawn with the sponge in grey and black.


This is my favourite of the session. It is drawn with the edge of a piece of corrugated cardboard (you can see the corrugations on the base) about an inch long. Unlike the ‘pencil control freaks’, this is the kind of drawing I enjoy making.


Looking for other mark making ‘implements’, this was drawn with the screwed up end of a paper towel in black, grey and white. I don’t like this particularly, but if you don’t experiment, you don’t learn and you don’t make progress!

Next week we are using oil pastels. I ventured the opinion that some clever advertising chappie had come up with the name ‘oil pastel’ to try and sell children’s wax crayons to adults, but Julia said this was not the case. We must agree to disagree!


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2 Responses to Mark Making With Julia

  1. seascapesaus says:

    Exciting drawings John! I really like the last three. Great work.

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