New Gallery In New Mills

Last Thursday I went to the opening of the first exhibition at a new art gallery in New Mills. Lyn Bannister, who organised New Mills Art as part of the Derbyshire Open (sorry, still can’t insert links – I blogged about it last May), runs Studios Gallery and welcomed a large crowd to ‘New Perspectives in Painting’.


Of the artists on show the one I particularly liked was Bethany Gray who had two large canvases on display. She paints an overall solid colour in oils – black in the two examples at New Mills – and then paints in flat colours on top of this.


Autumn by Bethany Gray


Tree Preparing In December


Detail of the above painting

Rebecca Sitar had two delightful oil on paper works, in blue. Rather than having a mount around them, they were floated on the backing mount. Unfortunately they were behind glass which made them difficult to photograph without reflections.


Newspost by Rebecca Sitar


The mounting for Newspost

Bartosz Beda had seven paintings in the exhibition. I particularly liked Memories III.


Karol Kochanowski had two colourful abstracts on show.


Sixsmith by Karol Kochanowski


The Ruined One/The Good One by Karol Kochanowski


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7 Responses to New Gallery In New Mills

  1. Nancy Farmer says:

    Some very interesting techniques and effects!
    On a technical note, this might help you, though forgive me if I am teaching you to suck eggs: There are two buttons on the top right of the text entry field (at least there are on mine) – ‘text’ and ‘visual’. Probably you use visual, where you just have to type, and have handy buttons for inserting links and stuff. But if the link button is not working, perhaps try going to the ‘text’ view and inserting the actual html code for a link, which is:
    text for the link
    so that between the two ” ” you have the link including the whole of the address and the http bit, and between the > < you have whatever will show up for the underlined bit – could be the page address again, or 'click here' etc… The rest of that line, though, you need to get it EXACTLY right, don't miss out any pointy brackets or anything or it will mess up your post.
    And then go back to the 'visual' version of your text entry field, with all the handy buttons on it.

    • Nancy Farmer says:

      Oh bollocks, of course my nice explanation was converted into a link! Duh! I did type out the code for you to read, John, but of course wordpress thought I meant to insert a link there. If you do think the code will be useful, let me know, I will find some other way of showing you what to type.

  2. seascapesaus says:

    It was a revelation to see the detail of Bethany Gray’s work. It transformed my impression of the second work. Something about real brush-strokes! Also like seeing Bartosz Beda’s painting too for the same reason. so economically painted.

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