Life Drawing With Julia

I did some life drawing this evening in Horwich (near Bolton) organised by Julia Entwistle who I mentioned in connection with the Delicieux Fair. This is the second time I’ve been. I wasn’t happy with my drawings the first time, but I’m happier with tonight’s lot so I’m prepared to share them.

We started with two ten minute sketches. I’d previously charcoaled and wiped two pages in my sketch book and used these, with a charcoal stick and putty rubber. With the second one, Jenny, the model, was standing looking upwards. She has very defined collar bones and I decided to just try and get a portrait so I could concentrate on this area. By the time I had done the head, I didn’t have enough time to do justice to her bone structure.


10 minute pose

Jenny210 minute pose

 For the twenty minute pose I just used the charcoal stick on white paper. I know models like adopting ‘challenging’ poses for the artists, but I found this one tricky. I’m still reasonably happy with it though there are faults.


20 minute pose

For the last, longer pose I decided to use a black Sharpy felt tip pen. The problem with such a pen is the difficulty with subtle shading. Jenny seemed quite relaxed. In fact, she fell asleep!


35 minute pose

About notes to the milkman

I'm a printmaker based in the North West of England, living in Bolton and printing at Hot Bed Press in Salford. Please visit my website
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7 Responses to Life Drawing With Julia

  1. The progression through the evening is obvious 🙂

  2. John Bentley says:

    Loving these Dad 😉 Glad you came and are happy with your work. I LOVE! the second and the last one. But the second is my favourite. Thanks for coming and sharing the class with the world 😀

    Best Regards Son

  3. Hi John, these drawings are great. Loving these charcoal drawings. The last one would make a great lino print maybe? Thanks for coming see you in fortnight.

    Julia X

  4. kestrelart says:

    🙂 Say it like it is!
    But Rosie’s right and you are wrong. The progression is obvious and the first two are not crap.

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