Art Fair at Delicieux

Today I was at the first day of a weekend art fair at a Bolton deli/café/bistro called Delicieux. The fair nearly didn’t happen at all as two days before the chap who was organising it pulled out taking four of the other artists with him. He maintained that it was due to problems with the café management. I have since learned that he needed to look a little closer to home for the source of the problem! The four remaining artists, including yours truly, have gone ahead with a fair, with the café management being very helpful.


My bit, all set up and awaiting the buying hoards

Julia Entwistle, who I met first at a group landscape exhibition at the Gallery at St Georges House, describes herself as a ‘romantic landscape painter’. Here is a typical one of her pieces (sorry about the reflections):


However the pieces I really liked were the ‘experimental’ ones where she’d played with gouache and ink to get ‘enchanted’ landscapes. I should have photographed one!

Mary Rudkin is a textile artist. Even with her mixed media pieces she uses pieces of paper dress patterns.




Lesley Taylor is a watercolourist and jewellery maker. She had a lot of interest in her jewellery today but this has not yet translated into sales. She had some little flower paintings which she called her ‘spare room paintings’ as they were suitable for brightening up a spare bedroom.



One of the ‘problems’ today was that, while the location is very pleasant, people coming in were looking for a drink and some lunch, not to buy art. My huge sales of Doug Wellyn’s Potting Shed Prints and Kitchen Quotes have yet to materialise. Still, we’ve got tomorrow!


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I'm a printmaker based in the North West of England, living in Bolton and printing at Hot Bed Press in Salford. Please visit my website
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10 Responses to Art Fair at Delicieux

  1. seascapesaus says:

    Your set-up looks great and your prices are low! The blackboard makes a perfect smudgy foil for the ‘clean and crisp’ prints. It is partly about exposure. Some people might comeback on another day and ask for your prints. Be sure to leave cards with your contact info with Delicieux. Do you think the cafe would support another day in early December? Could you add a sign in larger font pushing the Christmas gift idea a bit harder? As well as return customers you are aiming at impulse buyers.

  2. anne54 says:

    It is disappointing when sales are slow, and you start out with such high hopes! People don’t’ usually go to a cafe with the thoughts of buying a painting. However, I agree with the comments that Seascape made. Much of it is about exposure, having business cards etc that people can take with them. Are you able to leave any of your work up in the cafe after the event is over? Your work looks great. And the collages with the sewing patterns look very interesting.

    • Much better sales today – for all the artists there. Julia was a bit despondent yesterday evening as she had no sales, but much happier today after several purchases had been made. Mary sold the mixed media piece shown above.

  3. Looks great, John – nice variety of work overall and your prints look very good as multiples. Glad sales have picked up.

    • Thank you kind sir. I’m currently writing up a sort of Part 2. Regarding multiples are you referring to my prints in general, or to the fact that I try printing images in sets, the ones of Bolton Town Hall (in gold, top row) and Bolton Parish Church (below it) together with two others form such a set? I produce prints which go together yet I am rarely able to sell them as a set, with people just buying one print. I sold the Town Hall print but not the Parish Church. The Management and I have many art works on the walls of our home and most are in sets of 2, 3 or 4. I’ve not worked out a reason why my sets don’t sell as such.

      • I really like it that you print in sets; it’s nice to see a sequence and the individual prints complement each other. I don’t understand why they don’t sell as sets either – space maybe? Last time we bought prints we bought a pair (unrelated visually but similar in tone) – I don’t think they would have worked so well singly.

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