Liz West’s “On Brown And Violet Grounds”

For various reasons, including having to have the OS on my laptop reinstalled, I’ve not blogged much recently. This has meant that some exhibitions I have visited have closed before I’ve posted about them. But one superb one-woman show does not close until tomorrow! (That’s Wednesday 2nd October.)

In ‘On Brown and Violet Grounds’, Liz West is showing some of her light installations at Piccadilly Place in Manchester. It is the same unoccupied office block used for the Android exhibition earlier in the year. Liz was also showing some 2D works as well but it was the light installations which I loved, especially as I saw it early evening as it was getting dark.

I was going to use the line ‘Liz West’s work is rubbish!’ but I’ve already cracked that one about Marguerite Heywood at Palimpsest. Liz actually uses transparent/translucent plastic bottles and food containers which she illuminates with coloured lights. I’ll let these photographs speak for themselves!





Liz had the privilege of invigilating the show for hours every day!

Two more installations:




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4 Responses to Liz West’s “On Brown And Violet Grounds”

  1. Nancy Power says:

    Interesting installation. I like the illuminated bottles, it gives them an x-ray like quality in these pictures. Nice. And quite ‘warming’.

  2. seascapesaus says:

    Glad you shared this John. Very simple and clever. The work with circular mirrors was a real double-take! Interesting show and lovely to see the artist too.

  3. I wasn’t sure what to expect before I went but it was one of the best I’ve seen recently. I particularly liked the way Liz made the cables part of the installation.

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