Art And Science – Again!

I posted recently about Alexander Fleming’s ‘paintings’ using bacteria. Yesterday I came across Science to the Power of Art, the blog of Zachary Copfer, ‘a microbiologist masquerading as an artist’ who uses a similar technique to Fleming:


“As a former microbiologist recently turned visual artist, I seek to create work that is less of an intersection of art and science and more of a genuine fusion of the two. During my graduate research I invented a new medium that combines photographic process with microbiological practices. The process is very similar to darkroom photography only the enlarger has been replaced by a radiation source and instead of photographic paper this process uses a petri dish coated with a living bacterial emulsion. I believe that great beauty and poetry reside within the theories woven by scientists. And that it is through the unification of art and science that these treasures can be fully explored and made accessible to the world at large.”

Check out his blog for more amazing creations.



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5 Responses to Art And Science – Again!

  1. paperstew says:

    Ohhh, I’m going to pass this along to my science/artist friends. Very cool! Thanks John!

    • Make sure they know the health hazards of biocultures. In a previous life (aka ‘before retirement’) I was a science teacher and we had be well aware of biohazards when doing experiments with bacteria and fungi. At the end of each experiment we had to autoclave them at high temperature to kill them all – the bacteria, not the children! Although there were occasions …. 😉

  2. It is the sacred truth every successful scientist understands. The more deeply we probe the more vast our exposure to the rhythmic poetry we discover coursing through the intelligence of life, of which no one and no-thing is EVER separate!

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