The Gallery Of Lost Art

I am extremely annoyed with myself! I could lapse into the body functional terminology heard on street corners, but won’t. Extremely annoyed is as far as I’ll go. Why am I e.a.ed? Well I like to think I keep abreast of significant arty things. Then this morning I read a tweet from a-n News: “‏Thursday has come around and it’s still there – what’s going on @GalleryLostArt“.

What was this? What was this Gallery of Lost Art? Well, it seems it is a year long project which started on 2nd July 2012. According to a-nThe Gallery of Lost Art has been showcasing artworks which have been lost, stolen, discarded, rejected and destroyed for nearly12 months. This Thursday, [i.e. TODAY!!] as planned when the project launched, the online gallery will be erased.

“So far over 100,000 people in over 150 countries have visited the site. It has logged over 900 blogs and press features worldwide including reports on a-n News, the Guardian, and Huffington Post.”

And I’d missed it! They do at least add that “ISO who designed and produced the site will be launching a legacy site to document the project with links to specially commissioned films and essays later this Summer – plus there will be a Lost Art book.” However. if you are reading this after 4th July, you won’t be able to see this project.

After a quick look, I found things I expected there – Rachel Whiteread’s House and Robert Rauchenberg’s Erased de Kooning Drawing.


House by Rachel Whiteread


Erased de Kooning Drawing – Robert Rauchenberg

But I also found other works which I didn’t know about such as Diego Rivera’s destroyed mural Man at the Crossroads Looking with Uncertainty but with Hope and High Vision to the Choosing of a New and Better Future which had been produced for the Rockerfeller Center but was deemed too left wing, featuring as it did the image of Lenin.

I need to have a good look at the Gallery and download the essays. There are a lot of other links and references to check out as well and so little time! I’m posting this earlier than I normally do so anyone else who is as ignorant of this project as I was may have an opportunity to explore the site before it is taken down.


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4 Responses to The Gallery Of Lost Art

  1. Is the Schwitters first ‘Merzbau’, in Hanover, that we bombed out of existence in WW2 included John?

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