Sand Sea and Spray 2013 – Part The Second

Leaving Foundry (without an ‘a’, Mr Ross!) to work on his Souxie, I walked towards the Church Street Car Park. On the way I looked at the other pieces along the wall of the Winter Gardens. I was not always sure which are fresh this year and which were from last. Usually, paint stained masking tape is the only give away as not all work is dated. Here are some of the pieces:


Winter_Gardens1This one had a 2012 date on it. At first I thought it had been graffitied on, but then saw that the writing underneath the animal (springbok?) was also in a African language as was the original text in the top right, so now I’m not so sure.




This piece by Guy Denning from France has the tell-tale masking.


As does this piece by Dale Grimshaw from London.

Walking towards Church Street I passed one of the sites used last year. It featured one of my favourite pieces by Croatian artist Lornac which I had seen in its early stages.


Dominating the Church Street/Cookson Street Car Par is a new piece by Australian artist Smug. It replaced a young lady wearing headphones which he had painted two years ago at the first Sand Sea and Spray event. Unfortunately, the number of possible sites in Blackpool is limited so it was decided to paint out the young lady. I understand that this nearly lead to a riot when local people thought it was being removed by the Council and wanted to defend it. They seem to be happy with the new piece, a magician, by the same artist.


According to the local press, the owners of the building were intending to pull it down but the art work saved it.

There were several artists working at the car park, while there were several finished piece. I thought this piece was finished as there was no one around.


However, while I was there, the artist Martin Whatson arrived with an armful of stencils and continued on the work.





Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to see the final piece. A good excuse to return to Blackpool!


Lonac from Croatia made sure the left foot was right.


Drypnz from New Zealand was trying to organise fresh supplies of paint.


Akse (P19 Crew) was working next to Smug’s piece.


The young lady posing in front of one of the pieces shows that the street art is popular. From left to right, the work above is by Zed1 (Italy), Krio (Italy), Eska (London), Lornac (Croatia) and Martin Whatson (Norway).

I visited a couple of other sites but not much was going on there so I went to the pop-up shop in the Houndshill Shopping Centre where I added to my art collection with an original print by Sepr and a painting by a girl call Helen which featured a skull and some butterflies. (Can someone from Blackpool give me more information such as a surname, please?) Yes, I know forking out £50 for them goes against my Yorkshire cheapskate nature, but I liked them! So there!

My final port of call before heading back to the train station was Operational Headquarters aka The Old Rock Factory which Robin Ross uses as his screen printing studio. The outside is covered with street art and Zina from Norway was up a ladder working on another piece.


While on some of the windows were pieces by local artist Catch 22


and by Lowdown.


I didn’t see Robin all day. I was convinced that he was having a leisurely Fathers Day on the beach or in the pub despite what people said. So this final picture is not mine, but he needs to be featured as the Master Mind behind the event! Several pieces thanked the various people involved, but especially the legend that is Robin Ross!


There are various links and articles about the event. Most of them can be found via the Sand Sea and Spray Facebook page but the main articles are on the website. If I find others I’ll post them in the comments below.


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I'm a printmaker based in the North West of England, living in Bolton and printing at Hot Bed Press in Salford. Please visit my website
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8 Responses to Sand Sea and Spray 2013 – Part The Second

  1. Red Hen says:

    Wow! Some amazing work here. Great to see the shots of the artist in action too. I don`t wonder that it`s popular. Street art is probably a gateway into art for a lot of people who wouldn`t go to an exhibition in a gallery. And it has great appeal for young people in particular.

  2. What a fantastic body of work!

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