Male Nude, Xchanges Life Session

Some excellent observations about life drawing and art in general.

Jenny Hainsworth Fine Art

Male Nude, Xchanges Life Session

This is a recent drawing from a life session here in Victoria at Xchanges Studio, a terrific artist’s facility in town hosting several classes and life drawing and sculpting sessions each week.

I like drawing with chalk pastels for life sessions — it’s not very normal but it’s a habit I picked up from the excellent studio coordinator at the enchanting Donkey Mill Arts Center in Kona for the six months I lived on Hawai’i.

Chalk pastels allow you to lay fields of tone very rapidly, and your colour mixing instincts get an interesting workout because in a quick pose such as this one (I think this was five minutes), you don’t have time to think very much, and that’s a good thing.

One big difference from working slowly with colour is that, in a quick pose, you are more likely to grab a colour just for its light or…

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3 Responses to Male Nude, Xchanges Life Session

  1. seascapesaus says:

    I agree with the notion of challenging yourself. And life drawing/painting is art’s extreme sport! Can I do that in my holidays too, John?

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