That Caravaggio Gets Right Up My Nose!

As Marat might have said! While looking up info about Van Gogh’s portrait of his mother (Zoe Keenan’s third drawing was of this portrait) when I came across a delightful site of Photoshopped artworks.


This was entitled “Blind man fooled to poke a dead dude up the nose” and it was claimed to be a co-work-of-art between Caravaggio and Jacques-Louis David. In fact it was an entry in a Photoshop competition run by This particular contest invited people to submit combined paintings. I’m only showing a few of the entries. Check out the site for others.


This incorporates elements from Dali and Munch into a work by Escher, while here Whistler’s mother plays cards with Frederick Goodall’s little girl.


Finally a collaboration between Degas and Monet!


There are several other Photoshop competitions based on art and artists. One speculates on what Vincent van Gogh might be painting nowadays:


While another is concerned about stolen art works – including people and things going missing from the art works themselves. This one based on an Edward Hopper painting is called “A Slow Night in Nighthawks Bar”.


There are lots more on the website. What I hadn’t realised until researching the links to the ‘original’ works was how many parodies and pastiches there are of famous paintings. I think I’ll dig around and see what I can find!


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7 Responses to That Caravaggio Gets Right Up My Nose!

  1. What an excellent post, thank you 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on scribblah and commented:
    Hilarious blog about arty spoofs, mash-up of famous paintings. Very funny and clever.

  3. therealbitzymum says:

    Reblogged this on therealbitzymum and commented:
    Quite brilliant

  4. Nancy Farmer says:

    try googling parodies of The Last Supper… I was contemplating a parody until I realized it had all been done! Love the gambling Whistler’s mother and the Carravaggio 🙂

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