Rollin’ Into The Sunset

As you will know by now, Thursday night is Rachel’s art class night. Last week I painted a seascape with just rollers and a palate knife – no brushes. I loved the technique so tonight I had another go painting a sunset which I’d taken during my recent cruise.

IMG_1179Sunset at Genoa

Before going down to college, I stuck strips of newspaper onto the canvas to add some texture. I then used a foam roller (from a set bought earlier in the week from the children’s section of the local craft store, Hobbycraft) to add a yellow ochre/lemon yellow mixture in the ‘sun’ area of the canvas.


I then added some sky using an ultramarine/white mixture.


Next came some pale yellows and some pink/oranges, using a smaller foam roller from the set.


Burnt umber was used to for the dark shadow areas, with burnt umber/ultramarine for the darkest parts.


A few tweaks later and I had the finished product. More detail could have been produced by using a brush, but I wanted to used rollers throughout. I’m not sure about the newspaper collage. I had anticipated that some of the text would still be visible here and there, but it was all covered by the end.

sunset5Finished painting

If you prefer the original sunset photograph, here are a couple of others which I took the same evening:




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11 Responses to Rollin’ Into The Sunset

  1. I like the painting and how you showed the process and layers. Nice finished piece and great photos too. Even though the newspaper text doesn’t show through, it still looks like it adds interest and texture … and that’s cool that you decided to create it only with rollers and a palette knife. Thanks for sharing your work and techniques … we all inspire each other!

    • Thank you. I’ve realised that last week’s seascape was actually painted with rollers and a credit card, not a palette knife. The sunset is only rollers. Crude tools with a crude result, but I like it!

  2. I like the texture in your painting.

  3. Good to see the step by step account and pictures. Pleasing finished result.

  4. That’s terrific. Thanks for sharing the process

  5. Nancy Farmer says:

    Excellent! like the way it all comes together when you add the dark colours… nice sunsets too…

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