Keep On Rollin’!

I had fun tonight at Rachel’s art class! But I was not playing! I was investigating: I was experimenting: I was developing new techniques: but I was not playing!

Rachel has been covering mixed techniques recently – watercolour washes with ink detail, and collage with paint for example. For reference, I took down to the college a couple of seascape photos I took in Yalta (Ukraine) over Easter, on our Black Sea cruise.



I had intended adding texture with some torn newspaper strips but before I did this I decided to use a foam sponge roller to add some base colours, blues at the top and browns at the bottom. This is the first time I have used one of these rollers, and I loved the result! Lovely texture! So I abandoned the collaged newspaper strips. (These rollers are dirt cheap. Must get some.) This is the point I should have taken the first of a series of photos of the painting – but I didn’t.

“Right,” says Rachel, “the challenge is to finish the painting without using a brush!” OK, thinks I. So I added the spray with a smaller foam roller before using an old credit card to add the rocks, jetty and foreground figure. I had to use a small foam spreader for the lighthouse but that was the nearest I got to a brush.

Here’s the final result:


Now the only question is should I change my name to SeascapesBrit or do you think Philippa has the rights to the franchise?


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12 Responses to Keep On Rollin’!

  1. ms6282 says:

    Not a bad effort at all John

  2. aremraf says:

    I think it’s a great painting

  3. Nancy Farmer says:

    Love it! Couldn’t cope with someone taking away MY paintbrushes, but then I think I might be a bit set in my ways 😀 really like the effect you have got and the lone figure on the beach.

  4. But could you cope with someone taking away Wendy’s brushes? 😉

  5. seascapesaus says:

    April 11th! How could I have missed this? I have worked my way back from the Keep on Rollin sunset in which you mentioned a seascape….and here it is. Fresh and lively. I am stepping aside! Thanks for your nod. SeascapesBrit, hmm I like it. I am intending to do some streetscapes next, so there is space for you! But, I’ll be back….

    • Do you think it’s an advantage living next to the sea when painting seascapes? In the UK a lot of us live in the middle. I know that everyone in Oz lives round the edges apart from that woman Alice who lives in the middle. We’re off to Liverpool on Wednesday but I’m not sure that counts.

      • seascapesaus says:

        Yes, probably, because it is always out there, waiting. Liverpool feels like Riverpool (quite captivating) at least from the Tate so that almost counts. And Ms Springs does see a bit of water but no waves. I think you should carry on regardless as a funny person once said….

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