Can You Discover An Artist Whose Work You’ve Known For Years?

I ask this question as a result of an auction lot being sold at Sotherby’s on 21st March. Looking at the online catalogue for the sale, I was interested in Lot 86 which is three signed works by Nicholas Garland.

nicholas_garland_couple_in_the_barCouple In The Bar – Nicholas Garland

nicholas_garland_l'escargotL’Escargot – Nicholas Garland

nicholas_garland_dancingDancing – Nicholas Garland

The name Nicholas Garland was completely unknown to me – or so I thought until I started searching on the internet. Firstly, I found that he was a political cartoonist on the Daily Telegraph, the paper I read everyday, until March 2011. I then recalled seeing his name in the corner of the daily cartoon in the centre pages.

nicholas_garland_ira_cartoonThis cartoon published in 1982 criticises Irish – American financial support for IRA activity. It parodies Winston Churchill’s request for American money and weapons to aid the fight against Nazi Germany in 1940. It shows a blood-soaked IRA gunman issuing a similar request for American aid.

My next discovery was that Nicholas Garland drew the pictures for the Barry McKenzie cartoon strip in Private Eye, which I remember from my student days in the sixties. I’d always associated Barry McKenzie with Barry Humphries (aka Dame Edna Everage) but Humphries only produced the words, not the drawings.


Nicholas Garland’s own site includes many of his political cartoons, paintings and drawings. One of his drawings puzzled me as it is labelled as ‘After Leon Kossoff’ but seems to me to be based on Rembrandt’s painting ‘Hendrickje Bathing in a River‘ which is in the National Gallery in London.

nicholas_garland_after_leon_kossoffAfter Leon Kossoff – Nicholas Garland

rembrandt_hendrickje_bathing_in_a_riverHendrickje Bathing in a River – Rembrandt van Rijn


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9 Responses to Can You Discover An Artist Whose Work You’ve Known For Years?

  1. so interesting, thank you

  2. kestrelart says:

    Fascinating post. Newspaper wise more a Steve Bell guy myself, but I remember Barry Mackenzie well. Now I think about it, I wonder what happened to John Glashan drawing in the same mag at the same time?

  3. I enjoyed this post. So interesting. I like how your investigations turned up such a diversity of work.

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