Yesterday Manet at the Royal Academy! Today Pal Csoke at Bolton College!

Thursday evening is my art class at Bolton College. Tonight we were doing pen and ink drawing combined with watercolour washes. I’d intended choosing one of my many photos but forgot to take some along. However, I had a shot of the reed beds at Doffcocker Lodge, a local lake, on my mobile phone, so I used that, drawing the ink parts with, appropriately, a home made reed pen from the beds.

DoffcockerReedBedsPhotoMy mobile phone photo of Doffcocker Lodge

DoffcockerReedBedsPaintingMy ink and watercolour version

In the foyer of the college tonight was an exhibition of work by 16-19 year old students who have just finished a Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Art. Some of the work was mediocre, some was good and some was excellent.

Of the work I saw (I didn’t have time to see everyone’s. Sorry!) the star was Pal Csoke. I assume that Pal is female as the work on Derain included a self portrait in his style.

1PalCsokeThis was Pal’s panel. Each student had one full panel.


Pal’s work about Derain. Here is my Derain-style self Portrait

3PalCsokeA delightful pencil drawing by Pal of a plant

4PalCsokeAnyone who can paint hands like these …..!

5PalCsokeLooking at other boards, it was clear that the students had looked at film noir and graphic novels. I don’t know if Pal has copied another person’s work or this is her original work. Either way it’s excellent.

I’ve no idea who Pal Csoke is. All I know is the work on display suggests a very promising future.


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I'm a printmaker based in the North West of England, living in Bolton and printing at Hot Bed Press in Salford. Please visit my website
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3 Responses to Yesterday Manet at the Royal Academy! Today Pal Csoke at Bolton College!

  1. Apologies to Pal! I have discovered that he is a he not a she. The Derain-style painting, it appears, is of a friend, not a self-portrait. Sorry!

  2. Pal Csoke says:

    Hi, I am Pal. I just want to say thank you for this kind article!It is really nice from you. By the way no trouble with that little gender confusion.
    Kind regards,

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