Essay: How has artists’ use of found images has affected the materiality of the image?

I’m developing an interest in the use of found images and this post is an interesting contribution to the subject. There is a follow up post with a link at the end.

Beauchamp Art

Materials, Materiality, Materialism:
How has artists’ use of found images has affected the materiality of the image?

Artists have always appropriated images since there were images that could be reused. The Old Masters borrowed figures from Antiquity, amateurs from Masters, and Modernists from everyone else. Arguably, any remotely figurative pictures are reproductions from life, therefore are unoriginal. Overly-prevalent recycling results in the cliché. However, it is only since the invention of photography, and developments in printing have artists been able to take inspiration from popularly distributed media images, as references, to reproduce or even collage. Thus, a throwaway photograph can explode in magnitude, when otherwise a scene may have been lost to the insignificance of the world.
Now the exchange of personal photography has increased with cheapening digital cameras, and revolutions in internet platforms that has transformed the photo from being a single thing, to a ubiquitous vignette; universally available…

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