The First Street Artist?

I’m a great fan of good street art. (Sprayed tags don’t count! I said ‘art’.) We all know about Banksy et al, and I’ve posted about Sun, Sea and Spray in Blackpool. I was interested, therefore, when I watched tonight’s One Show on BBC1. It had an item about Walter Kershaw, who painted murals (or ‘muriels’ as we used to call them) on the gable ends of condemned terrace houses in Rochdale in the sixties.

These are a couple of images from an article in the Guardian:

Walter Kershaw pansies

Walter Kershaw inside out house

And here is another from a BBC site:


I’d not come across him before and need to check him out, probably starting with Walter’s own site.


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8 Responses to The First Street Artist?

  1. starrybird says:

    Love the second image – reminds me of my dolls house! I get really irritated with the kids who graffiti down the metropolitan line – you’re risking your life and your final statement is ‘TOX13’ !!!!! Please be safe and make it count!

  2. Hilda Ogden had a muriel 🙂

  3. seascapesaus says:

    Wonderful stuff. It’s difficult to tell, but I presume the man on the ladder and the ladders are real! Those outfits look familiar.

  4. seascapesaus says:

    Thanks for providing the link to Walter Kershaw’s site John. His works are complex and some are quite beautiful.

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