What Is A Landscape? – Two New Exhibitions In Bolton

Some months ago, I asked What is a Portrait? I only ask the current question because of two exhibitions which have opened recently in Bolton. Where is the line between landscape and abstract art? Is there such a line?

The title “Harmony of the Land”, the show which opened a couple of weeks ago (and which continues until 11th March) at the Gallery At St Georges House, certainly suggests landscapes and cityscapes. As always, Emma Kelly has curated another excellent show.

Emma_KellyEmma Kelly (extreme left) chats with artists and guests at the opening night

There are five local artists represented. Trish Hurst, who I didn’t get a chance to meet, has only two works on show. Her work blurs the boundaries between painting, drawing and photography. She starts with digital photographs which she combines and manipulates before adding layers of drawing and paint.

Trish_HurstSummer Meadow – Trish Hurst

Liz Gribben usually works with figure and portrait drawing but she has four paintings of the Bridgewater Canal. I say paintings although Liz works with acrylic inks rather than acrylic paints. The inks are far more transparent than paints and Liz builds up the final piece in layers.

Liz_GribbenBridgewater Canal – Liz Gribben

John Bentley is the only photographer in the show. He runs 42graphs (that’s four-two-graphs i.e. photographs) and publishes The Photography Daily on Twitter (@fourTwographs ). Worth checking out! Here are a couple of his photographs in the show (sorry about the colour balance!):

John_BentleyLone Tree (left) and Cavedale (right) – John Bentley

The two other artists were very well represented in the exhibition. David Winning was not at the opening night. I understand he was somewhere in Europe working with a producer of art materials. David’s approach is media responsive and he says that engagement with the process is far more important than the outcome. Probably my favourite piece in the show was David’s graphite drawing ‘Tarn’. Unfortunately reflections on the glass detract seriously with my photograph. (You’ll need to go and see it ‘in the flesh’ as it were!)

David_Winning_1Tarn – Graphite on Paper – David Winning

David_Winning_2BL1 – Oil on Canvas – David Winning

Julia Entwistle claims to be a ‘romantic landscape painter’. “My moods are variable, as are the landscapes I paint, whether it’s moors, mountains, rivers or sea. All evoke powerful emotions within me.” I really liked her moorland paintings. Even though approaching abstract, they are clearly (to me at least) the moorland around Bolton.

Julia_Entwistle_1Wildmoors 1 – Julia Entwistle

Julia_Entwistle_2Cityscape – Julia Entwistle

John_Julia_and_LizLiz (left), Julia and John

Julia’s landscapes are approaching abstract but are still landscapes, but at Neoartists, at the Market Hall in Bolton, there is a new exhibition by printmaker Ross Loveday, which opened last week and runs until February 24th, whose work can be described as landscape-inspired abstract.


This looks like a landscape, as Ross explained to me, simply because it has horizontals. Others, he explained, although they had been inspired by a particular place or a specific incident, were far more abstract.


Ross won his one-man show as part of his prize at last year’s neo:printprize. He produces carborundum and drypoint prints as he likes the loose, organic nature of the process.

ross_loveday4Ross (right) chats with visitors

ross_loveday5Ross gave an artist talk at the opening


On leaving the gallery, I thought that was it for landscapes. However, by the door, there was a poster for another exhibition at Stockport which, judging solely by the poster, I suspect could be another ‘Is it landscape or is it abstract?’ show.


On the way out of the Market Hall, I saw some other landscapes. Have a look at them and make a judgement before reading the information after the third one.




These three landscapes are all from an exhibition by Year 6 pupils at the local independent school. (For none UK that means ten year olds.) I thought they were pretty good for any age let alone that young!


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I'm a printmaker based in the North West of England, living in Bolton and printing at Hot Bed Press in Salford. Please visit my website johnpindararts.weebly.com
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6 Responses to What Is A Landscape? – Two New Exhibitions In Bolton

  1. johnb22 says:

    Hi John,

    Thank you for the mention and the following of the daily postings. Was good to see you at the preview evening and to see your interaction with the group. No worries on the colour balance O.o that can be placed in the art section of the world 😉

    Really have enjoyed reading your blogs of the last few months and am trying to read the backlog.

    Regards Johnb

  2. seascapesaus says:

    An interesting post John with lots of different images to compare and contrast. I am always impressed with work that captures the essence of a landscape with just a few brush strokes. Thanks for composing all these images and notes! Philippa

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