Van Gogh, the Copyist

Having discussed artists copying works by other artists before (such as Constable’s copy of a Jacob van Ruisdael landscape), I thought this was an interesting post, particularly this quote:
“Vincent van Gogh was never apologetic for “copying” the works of other artists, such as, Jean-François Millet, Honoré Daumier, Jacob Jordaens, Émile Bernard, Gustave Doré , Eugène Delacroix and some of the Japanese printmakers. He would compare his copying to that of a musical performance with the original artists as the composers and himself as a simple musician interpreting the instructions of the composer.”

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In my last blog I looked at how Vincent van Gogh had copied three Japanese woodcut prints and had incorporated his own inimitable style to his versions.  In my blog today I want to look at the versions he painted of a painting by one of his favourite European artists –Eugène Delacroix.

In February 1888, Vincent, tired and disillusioned with life in the French capital, moved to Arles and went to live at No. 2 Place Lamartine in the Yellow House which he had rented.   He invited Paul Gaugin to join him but the latter was rather reluctant.   Vincent’s brother, Theo, was worried about Vincent living alone and so in October pays Paul Gaugin to visit his brother and stay with him.   For the next two months, Gauguin and Van Gogh worked harmoniously together, spending all their time painting and discussing art.

However personal tensions grew between the two men and two…

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One Response to Van Gogh, the Copyist

  1. Nancy Farmer says:

    Very interesting, I never saw these pictures before, or the Japanese ones in your other post. Personally I think that van Gough’s ‘Pieta’ is much more striking than the original…. can’t help but be amused by the collection of copyings that you have posted and want to give them all the collective title:
    “And here it is again… in Yellow” 🙂
    (puts me in mind of a theory I heard about Xanthopsia, if I might list one of my posts:

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