An intriguing artist! I love the boxes and the table and folding chair!

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Kevin Arnold’s (NAP #100) multi-paneled canvases are refreshing and humorous.  Creating art that is all about the object and its very own objecticity, if you will, Arnold paints canvases as physical placeholders and stand-ins for the very objects he depicts.  Canvases become vinyl pillows, packing cardboard boxes, folding chairs and tables. 

But besides the visual artifice he creates on the surface plane, he moves far beyond by stacking and arranging the canvases so that they encroach physically into and onto three-dimensional space, much as the object itself would.  Canvases of vinyl pillowcases are stacked just as a pile of pillows might be; canvases of stacked folding chairs and a table are propped against adjoining walls, much as the actual objects would be in the corner of a storage room; and canvases of cardboard boxes are heaped in haphazard columns, topped by a canvas “EXIT” sign that even towers above the…

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  1. seascapesaus says:

    Hi John, we both reblogged this! I was caught by the idea of Arnold paring back his paintings (emptying the work) to find what was really there – the object!

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