Mr Hirst’s detractors seem to get younger and younger! A spot on post!

Scribe Doll's Musings

A ten year-old Italian boy called Federico went to the Tate Modern with his mother.  When he saw Damian Hirst’s formaldehyde-pickled cows, he said, “That’s cruel.  Why didn’t they allow this calf to grow up and have calves of its own?”

I was told about this occurrence over dinner, that evening, by some amused adults.  I leaned across the table and said to the boy, “I totally agree with you.”

Federico’s eyes sparkled with intelligent fun.  I winked back.  He had helped me unleash thoughts about Modern Art, I had harboured for some time.

Striking.  Powerful.  Controversial.  Raw.  Brave.  Statement.  Subversive.

Words often used to describe Modern Art.  Words of violence.  Words we also often use when we find ourselves before a thing in a museum, which baffles us but which we think we should understand.  We do not want to appear stupid, by not understanding.  We think that this

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