As Rosie Scibblah might say “Parental Advisory”

As Rosie Scibblah might say “Parental Advisory”

Burlesque meets Life Drawing. Well, it’s certainly different from what I’m used to at Bolton College!!

Dr. Sketchy's Baltimore

This was Cherokee Rose’s first session posing for Dr. Sketchy’s Baltimore, though not her first for Dr. Sketchy’s. She certainly knew what she was doing.

Understandably, new folks always make us nervous. What if they get lost coming to the Windup? What if they’re a robot built by a rival Dr. Sketchy’s branch intent on a hostile takeover? What if the model doesn’t even exist and we’re being pranked by a T-Rex with an internet connection and someone willing to type for it?*  <– [see comments]

It can be stressful.

Cherokee was amazing – at no point did she transform into a boombox and try to steal our energon cubes nor did anyone get eaten. Just a whole lot of Super Sexy.

Cherokee Rose, along with GiGi Holliday, Roma Mafia, and Sophia Sunday (all past or future Dr. S models) will be performing with Bosley at ArtScape this Friday and…

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