Finally! Draw Out 2 in Castlefield at 4th Attempt

Despite my Cunning Plan, Draw Our 2 on 8th July was cancelled due to threatened heavy showers (which duly arrived). This is the wettest UK summer that most people can remember. Even posters have been appearing.

Ironically one of my nieces is also complaining about the weather – Toronto is rather hot at the moment I understand!

So when the forecasters said yesterday was going to be fine plans were put in operation for Draw Out 2, our second walk with a sketchbook. Unfortunately after three cancellations (two in June plus 8th July) there were only three of us for the walk.

I travelled to Manchester on the train. Rant Warning! Rant Warning! There were nine seats in my carriage occupied by children all with their parents. By coincidence, there were nine adults including myself standing. When I was a boy, everyone including my parents and myself, expected children to give up their seat for an adult. None of the parents, it was clear, even gave a thought about the standing adults. End of rant.

There was a letter in the paper recently about a school group occupying most of the seats on a London Underground train. The teacher justified this to the many standing adults on the grounds of Health and Safety. Rant Warning! Rant Warning! It has nothing to do with Health and Safety. It’s to do with Litigation! You’re not bothered about them falling over and hurting themselves. You’re bothered about them suing the school. Please don’t call it Health and Safety! End of rant.

Jen, Sarah and I met up at Castlefield to find there were several thousand cyclists already there. We were able to walk up the canal a little away from the cyclists and started drawing. Unfortunately, Sarah wasn’t able to stay long but Jen and I spent a couple of hours drawing before adjourning to the Dukes for some liquid refreshment. The original plan to walk up to Odsall Hall but I think we’ll save this for another day.

Here are a couple of Jen’s pastel sketches (sorry but, as Draw Out 1, I managed to get my shadow on the photos):

I used a 6B graphite pencil for these three sketches:

Incidentally, yesterday was St Swithin’s Day. Here is the rhyme:

St Swithun’s day if thou dost rain

For forty days it will remain

St Swithun’s day if thou be fair

For forty days ’twill rain nae mare

Guess what! The rain was back today with more promised tomorrow. Typical!


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5 Responses to Finally! Draw Out 2 in Castlefield at 4th Attempt

  1. seascapesaus says:

    Entertaining and educational as ever! had a good laugh about the sun (sorry) and the seating for the little tender types…. A universal disregard for the old values/valuables! (I’m one of those).
    I love your choice of composition in 1 and 2 – you couldn’t have set yourself any more difficult tasks I think. SO complex, but interesting layers of bridges, arches columns.

  2. At life drawing classes I often have to draw foreshortened models. The second sketch was the first time I’ve drawn an extremely foreshortened bridge though. The small bridge in the centre of the first sketch incidentally was the setting for one of Spencer Tunick’s multi-nude photographs when he was in Salford last year. Rosie Scibblah would have enjoyed herself both at the cycle race and at the Duke as there were many people sitting or standing around just waiting to be drawn.

  3. Deanne says:

    A Draw Out! What fun. Great sketches. Never heard of St-Swithun’s day, but I like the rhyme. Sorry about all the rain – we had a lousy June on the other coast of Canada, but the sun has been making the odd appearance now and then.

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