Caravaggio pushes Kate off front page shock!!

There are few things we can rely on in this life. Death, taxes, t*ts on page 3 of The Sun and a pretty girl, usually the Duchess of Cambridge. on the front page of the Daily Telegraph. But wait! What’s this? Kate was in Scotland yesterday when Will was installed as a Knight of the Thistle and her photograph is not on the front page (despite wearing a “£1200 yellow coat dress by Emilia Wickstead”)?

What is there instead? The Supper at Emmaus? A painting by Caravaggio in the National Gallery in London? What’s going on?

According to the Daily Telegraph article which accompanies this painting, a hundred sketches which may be by the Italian master have been discovered in Milan.

“… The works are believed to date from Caravaggio’s earliest years as a painter, when he was a young apprentice under Simone Peterzano, a mannerist painter in Milan, from 1584 to 1588. They were found in a collection of paintings and drawings from the workshop of Peterzano which has been held in a castle in Milan, Castello Sforzesco, since 1924, after they were transferred there from a nearby church. The archive contains 1,378 paintings and drawings by Peterzano and the young artists who were tutored by him.

“… They compared known Caravaggio masterpieces in churches and museums with the sketches and paintings in the castle archive and found “startling” similarities between the two bodies of work. The drawings were an early template for “the faces, bodies and scenes the young Caravaggio would use in later years,” the experts told ANSA…. “Every artist has a matrix style, unique to them that is distinguishable through the postures and body types in their sketches. They memorize them as students, learning by force of repetition, and carry them into maturity for their later works,” said Mr Bernardelli Curuz. ”

The illustrations on the inside pages provided some support for these “startling similarities”.

This compares the bearded soldier in The Conversion of Saul with one of the drawings while another drawing is very similar to the face of the old man in Judith Beheading Holofernes.

There is also a sketch which resembles the face of Christ in the Supper at Emmaus.

The findings are being published in the near future in a “lavish, two-volume, 600-page e-book in four languages. ” Not being an expert on Caravaggio, only a fan of his work, I will wait for others to make a final judgement.


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4 Responses to Caravaggio pushes Kate off front page shock!!

  1. seascapesaus says:

    Whatever the attribution turns out to be, it makes more interesting reading than the good ol’ willnkate thing! fancy that. Don’t suppose kate was moved to page 3 !

  2. wow, fantastic. Far more interesting than Willykate

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