And the winner of the Bovine Doo Doo Award is ………

It is the time of Degree Shows. I recently asked a friend if there is a module on University Fine Arts courses where they teach the students how to write bovine doo doo for their artist statements. “No,” was the reply. “They have to be able to write bovine doo doo on their application forms to get on the course in the first place.” Fair enough!

But I feel someone, perhaps Andrex, should sponsor a Bovine Doo Doo Award. I’ve just been looking at the Cloud Culture finalists on Artfinder. The vast majority of statements were fine and made sense but there were one or two where “obfuscation” was the most appropriate word to use. I know the last sentence of the following statement means “I try different things” but the rest? So my nomination for the BDD Award is the following:

“‘My work is an investigation of the totality of the human condition, delicate, abject and limiting. The work has within, ‘capacity’; I create work that forms cross-relationships with ‘proposition’ and ‘hazard’, free will and constraint, it is amid these polls that I anticipate my resourcefulness will ensue. Much of my practice constantly evolves, through inquisitive processes and experimentation in the studio.”

Do you have any nominations for the BDD Award?


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13 Responses to And the winner of the Bovine Doo Doo Award is ………

  1. No nominations so far, but if you’ll allow me a little moan, I’m sick of hearing the word “dialectic” whenever I visit an art gallery – it’s become one of those words that gets freely bandied around. And, whenever it’s uttered, reminds me of the art gallery sketch in Woody Allen’s Manhattan. Having said all that, I’d love to see the person above’s work.

  2. Drew Kail says:

    Another great post. I don’t have any BDD nominations, but I’ve nominated you for a Sunshine Award. You can check it out here:

  3. Leanne Cole says:

    I hate writing artist statements, I wish sometimes you could say, “I create the work because I love it” or “It’s just what I do”, but instead you have to come up with a whole heap of creative “bulls**t*, so it makes you sound intellectual and therefore means you are really an artist, such crap.
    Interesting post, thanks.:)

  4. barbaraelka says:

    I think statements now must say very little. I think the author was stoned…

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