Exhibitions I’ve been to and ….

On my way to Hot Bed Press to do some printing recently I popped into Salford Museum and Art Gallery to see what was on. I was pleased to find that “Life and Times of a War Time Art Student, an exhibition of work by Kate Herbert”, an exhibition which should have finished in early May, had been extended. I’m glad it had because it is an excellent exhibition and well worth catching if you are in the area. It will be on until the middle of June at least and possibly longer.

According to the Museum website “this exhibition shows how a working class girl from Lower Broughton, Salford, realised her dreams and ambitions by passing a scholarship to Salford Art School. It was when Kate was an evacuee at the beginning of the Second World War that her artistic ability was spotted by a teacher. Throughout her late and family life she has continued with her artwork and creative writing.”

You don’t have to be good at maths to realise that this young schoolgirl is now a great grandmother, but as one of the information boards put it “even after 50 years her work retains a freshness often associated with much younger artists.” I couldn’t agree more. The drawing above is from 2004. This second one is from 1948.

While this one of her daughter Jane is from 1956.

Along side the drawings and paintings, Kate reminisces about her life such as meeting L S Lowry, who was a frequent visitor at Salford School of Art,  now the Peel Building at the University of Salford, next to the Museum: “He could be seen shuffling down the corridor critically examining students’ work displayed there and I often talked to him as he drew.”

According to the Museum website, Kate will be at the Museum on Wednesday 6th June at 2 pm to talk about her work. I hope I’ll be able to get along and meet her.

There are two other exhibitions at the moment. One is “Kathleen Walne: the Salford collection”. The Museum site says that “following the death of artist Kathleen Walne in June 2011 Salford Museum will be displaying their entire collection of her work, many of which have not been seen for 26 years. A much acclaimed watercolour artist hailed as being ahead of her time, Kathleen had the ability to create unusual designs enriched with wine-rich pigment.”

Interior, 1936 by Kathleen Warne

This exhibition finishes on July 15th.

The third exhibition, which finishes on July 1st, is “1984 Looks Like This”. “What does 1984 look like? Is Big Brother watching you on CCTV? Documentary photographer David Dunnico asks you these questions in a two-part exhibition.

“For a number of years, he has documented the rise of CCTV surveillance in a series of graphic black and white images. Alongside this, Dunnico has built up a collection of editions and ephemera about George Orwell’s 1984 – the book’s changing covers tell how every new generation of readers finds Orwell’s work frighteningly relevant to their own times.”

There is more information on David’s website and blog.

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I'm a printmaker based in the North West of England, living in Bolton and printing at Hot Bed Press in Salford. Please visit my website johnpindararts.weebly.com
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6 Responses to Exhibitions I’ve been to and ….

  1. Enjoying our blog to blog connection. Thanks for your comments on mine. Kate Herbert’s work reminds me of how many unsung artists there are all around. I’m exhibiting one at the moment: Agnes Larkins, same generation as Kate, same inate drawing ability and way of getting to the heart of things. Inspired now to write a piece on her, before the show disappears…

  2. seascapesaus says:

    These are interesting comments about what’s happening. Salford seemed difficult to get to by bus (at least for us aliens) when we were in Manchester last year so I missed out. Any train lines that way? Hope to be back in the northern hemisphere in 2013.

  3. clinock says:

    Amazing work – wish I could visit – thank you for the share…

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